Oct 262010

Now that we have a new Australian government which has been in office for only a short time, it’s important to stay aware and involved. It is important that we don’t withdraw from the political process once an election is over, many of us fall into this trap. There are many things we can do on an ongoing basis. We can pray daily for our Prime Minister and our nation’s influencers. We can respond to various issues and debates talking place, keep an eye on the news to hear and see what our political leaders are doing, letting our local MPs know our thoughts and concerns. An excellent way to keep in touch with what is taking place in Canberra is via the Australian Christian Lobby newsletter- http://australianchristianlobby.org.au/. I believe as Christians it is important we are aware of what is taking place in the political arena and when we see good or bad things happening we respond appropriately. Take the time each day to pray for our political leaders.