Mar 202011

I was thinking for a few days on what I would share concerning the situation in Japan. With so many images and stories I felt there was not much more I could say to describe my hurt. Maybe the best way to portray the situation is through the words of my sister’s family who live in Japan:

March 11 2011- Just before 3pm our time a quake began, of 8.8 magnitude.  We have experienced many before so weren’t too worried at first but it kept going and getting stronger.  It was stronger than anything we’ve ever experienced.  Our neighbour is 80 and said she never experienced anything like it.  Pictures were falling off shelves, books flying out of bookshelves, our TV crashed to the ground, our printer fell down, heaters shut down and our gas is still out.  We currently have no hotwater and cant use our oven.  Josh was asleep and we grabbed him and went outside.  The streets were fall of neighbours rushing outside.  Huge aftershocks have continued for a couple of hours.
The scariest thing for us was that we couldn’t contact the girls for 2 hours as the phone system was overloaded and the trains were stopped because of the quakes.  When we eventually got news they were OK it took me 2 hours to drive to the school and back, because of the terrible traffic.
The café seems to have only sustained minor damage, the microwave falling down, the oven being moved and a lot of crafts falling to the floor with some breakages.
There has been significant flooding and a number of fires caused by the quake as well as tsunami warnings.
We value your prayers for ongoing safety, for those who have lost lives and properties and for the clean up process.
Thanks for your prayers and concerns we value them enormously.

March 19 2011: At the urging of the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade, our home church and our sending mission, OM, we are now being evacuated from Tokyo on Sunday night.  This is not an easy thing as its hard to leave behind our Japanese church and friends as well as our N.American co-workers.

If you would like to contact my sister or find out the work they are doing they have a facebook page, just type in: Sonrise Cafe Tokyo