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When I sit with couples who are about to be married I love to have them write down their expectations for marriage and then I love to catch up with them after a year or so and see how those expectations are going. I recently came across a list that a lady put down before even meeting her husband to be and I thought it was excellent and it can fit for any man or woman as they prepare to meet the person they will live with for the rest of their life. Sometimes a man or lady just have the attitude that they are just wanting to meet someone and do not really care what the principles of their soon to be husband or wife are or what they would like to see in their marriage they just want to be married…. a recipe for disaster!

The List:

I want someone who…

- loves God with his whole heart.

- wants to talk to me everyday, 30 times a day if that’s what I need that day.

- can’t wait to see me again

- is always thinking about me

- surprises me, in good ways from the little to the big

- plans dates for me

- follows through on what he says he’s going to do

- is consistent in his actions and behavior

- doesn’t disappear

- reassures me of his feelings for me with his actions and words

- wants the whole world to know how he feels about me, isn’t afraid to show it or say it

- puts me first, after God.

- is not afraid of my sensitivities, scars and wounds but wants to be a part of healing them

- always makes time for me no matter what else is going on.

- pursues me

What about you? What are you looking for in a spouse. Nobody is perfect, for sure, but I honestly believe it’s a good idea to set the bar high. Create a list today, why don’t you? And if your married why not create a list of your expectations for your marriage moving forward….. it is never to late!

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I’m not sure my 9 year old daughter is ready for every story the Bible has to offer but there are a number of people who go out of their way to make much of the bible relate to kids. Here is a completely fun post by Lindsey Whitney who shares one way we could adapt one particular Bible story for kids. Enjoy!

Kid-ifying wild Bible stories. By Lindsey Whitney

There was once a mean king, Eglon was his name
He lived in Moab, and great was his fame

He was quite pudgy, so pudgy in fact
He could eat a whole cow and call it a snack!

The Israelite people said “Let’s get rid of this king
He’s simply too mean, but how to do such a thing?”

They prayed to the Lord, and God sent to the land
A great warrior named Ehud, a sword in his hand

The thing about Ehud, it was a little bit strange
He fought left-handed, it gave him more range

Ehud went to the palace, he and the king had a meeting
Ehud brought a gift, and of course there was eating

A secret message I have, Ehud said at the throne
“Quiet!” said the king, and all left them alone

The king rose from his seat to be able to hear
Ehud reached for his sword as the king drew near

A tricky move, a left-hand stab
The sword sunk so deep it was beyond Ehud’s grab

The fat closed in around the handle
The king was caught off guard by that left-handed angle

The king fell over dead, now what to do?
Ehud thought, “I’ll trick his servants into thinking he’s going poo”

Ehud slipped out the back, with the servants outside waiting
What’s that king doing? The wait was exasperating.

They waited so long they were ashamed for the king
The servants came in — “What a frightful thing!”

The king was found dead, and Ehud was coming back
This time with an army and talking smack

The Lord defeated Moab, Israel won that day
And those bewildered servants didn’t know what to say.

What’s another Bible story we might have to kid-ify?

For more great stuff from Lindsey Whitney, check out her blog, -  http://www.growingkidsministry.com/