Nov 212011





If you are looking for some worship music to play on your ipod or in your sound system in the car or at home I would encourage you to purchase the music of Irishman, Robin Mark. I find myself time and time again listening to God speak to me through his music. I love the music of the Irish and Robin Mark continues to give the Irish a great name when it comes to beautiful music.

Nov 212011





Mark Connor writes:
Jesus told us that the two greatest commandments are to (1) love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and (2) to love our neighbor as ourself. Life truly is all about loving God and loving people.

Of course, our love is simply a response of God’s love for us. We love Him, and others, because He first loved us. As we receive God’s love, we can begin to accept ourselves, even in our imperfect and frail state. This then enables us to love others … as ourselves.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to love others because in reality they hate themselves and have no love inside to give out freely to others. Unless we know that WE are loved, we will find it difficult to truly love others.

2,000 years of religious tradition have imbedded in us the mistaken belief that God’s love is something we earn. Giving that up isn’t easy.

Religion is all about what we have to DO to earn our way to God. Christianity is totally different. It’s all about what Jesus Christ has already DONE for us.

Tim Dyer says: That is good news!