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I would like to share with you a recent devotion I had that might encourage you like it did for me.

“As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who had been blind from birth.” (NLT) John Chapter 9:1

It’s peculiar to simply read the first verse of a section of scripture that is clearly the beginning of a story, but for a moment we’ll remain there. Jesus sees the blind man and the one known as the light from the first chapter in John notices the one who knows nothing but darkness. The healer known as the ‘Son of God’ stands before the helpless known as the ‘son born blind’.

Think about your life for a moment through this Christmas season. It would be my hope that through this season you have made space to spend time with Jesus and all your attempts at hiding or minimizing your sin have been drawn into the light.

So now you stand, fully aware that Jesus sees the real you. You have examined your heart and you see your transgressions and rebellion. No longer hidden, you stand exposed as Jesus just uncovered the lies you once tried to find rested among. Although we all know this story of John doesn’t end here, it’s terribly important that we don’t simply remain within this part of the story – diagnosed but not healed.

Read the verse again, but continue reading through verse eleven, John 9:1-11.

Although Jesus finds us in our sin, He has no plans to leave us there with simply a proper understanding of our current condition and diagnosis. The good news is truly good news because of his promise to heal. The story continues from the first verse to find a man, once fully aware of his blindness that is now healed and tells the world about the one who has healed him. Although many have told him he was blind, in this man’s entire life, no one has healed him.

Sometimes it feels safer to simply remain diagnosed as broken, when compared to the trust that is required as we walk with Christ into healing & restoration. Will you trust that the one who has revealed your brokenness is able to heal you? The sins and conditions Christ found you in are no longer your home or that which names you. Take a moment and think about the areas of your life that have been exposed within your heart during this Christmas season. Where does Christ want to heal you?

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